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CORIMATEC offers worldwide industrial solutions combining technical expertise and reliability for aerospace, space, transport, medical, nuclear, luxury, art, and design sectors.

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CORIMATEC offers industrial solutions in design, tooling, complex parts and electrolytic deposition.


The employees of CORIMATEC are driven by a passion for their profession. They are committed, motivated and equipped with strong skills enabling the production of innovative, reliable and highly efficient products.









Additional activities to tailor services to customers’ requirements.

Engineering services with a specialisation in surface generation and mechanical engineering. We assist our clients with their requirements for production tooling with the assistance of our project managers.
Manufacturing of metallic parts in copper and nickel by electroforming. This process enables the manufacturing of geometrically complex parts that are difficult to achieve with traditional processes
Design and manufacturing of tools in nickel, composite, steel, invar or aluminium according to your requirements.
Distribution of equipment that will assist you in the manufacturing of composite parts and tooling.
Technical deposit on a wide range of substrate to improve, or to add, their mechanical properties. Decorative metallization to give a metallic look to a part.

The mission of CORIMATEC is to support its customers on all or part of their production process. This is the reason why we invest regularly in new methods, new technologies and in the training of our staff.

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